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Death Invoker

Blackened Thrash Metal

(Lima/ - Peru)

Morbid Devastator (Bass/Vocals),
Unholy Perversor (Guitar),
Bestial Lust (Drums).
Hadez (Guitar),
Beast of Holocaust (Drums).

Demo 2010
Sepulchral Noise 4 way split CD
Reh. Desecrations 2005 - 2007

2005: A blackened prophecy made that Unholy Perversor (666 strings of impurity), Beast of Holocaust (napalm deathonations) & Morbid Devastator (4 strings of the final extermination & occult abominations) pacted with death. Few rehearsals after, Hades (ex-Crown of Worms) have joined to the death covenant in the other guitar. First rehearsals begun and fast, as a thunder from hell, 3 invokations were done: “Eternal Servant of Hell”, “Crucifixorcise” and “Metal Vengeance”. This death noise was putted in a promotional tape and given to a local gig organizer. 2006: At the middle of this year, Death Invoker made its 1st appearance on stage in a gig called “Call of the Grave”, sharing stage among Metralla, Cadaver Incubador, Saram, Bestial Possession and others. For this time, new tracks were composed, it were: “Satanic Force” and “Massive Slaughter”; Death Invoker played also “Necromancer” (Sepultura) as cover, offering tribute to the track that have given the band’s name. Time before, trying to record a demo-reh., Death Invoker recorded the never released “Invoking the Antichrist reh.”. It was recorded on the day 6th, of the month 6th, of the year ’06. This rehearsal was kept in total hermetism and sectarist status to be released some day. Finishing 2006, Death Invoker was called for the record of 2 tracks that would appear in a 4 way split CD among other bands from Peruvian Metal hordes! 2007: Starting 2007, Death Invoker played by 2nd time in “Predator’s Attack” gig among bands as Metralla, Ad-Terrorem and El Viejo. For this time, Hades have left the band. At the middle of this year, Beast of Holocaust left the band too. Looking for other beast, Death Invoker summoned Bestial Lust (venomous whiplashes of lust). Ending the year, and because of the several failed trying to record a demo-reh (because bad conditions at reh. room) Death Invoker decided to record the next release on studio by tracks. For this time, some other tracks have been appeared from the abyss since time before: “Spectres from Beyond” and “Prophecies of Destruction”. However, because the mentioned reasons, both could not be recorded, except for some rotten rehearsals, but for the band members only. 2008: On the first months, the recordings begun in a place near to the crypts of Morbid Devastator; mainly the drums and the first lines of guitar and bass were recorded. At the middle of this year, Death Invoker made the 3rd “Invokation to Death” among bands as: Hadez, Cadaver Incubador, Blacker, Flagelum Dei and Inri. This time, Beast of Holocaust played drums as a supporter member, because Bestial Lust was on travel. Across the whole year, Death Invoker started to make a self and international promotion, sending promo-tape stuff, called “Reh. Desecrations 2005-2007” to many paper zines. Time after, Death Invoker started to receive a good amount of positive critics and interviews. 2009: At the beginning of the year, Death Invoker finished to record the guitar, bass and vocals. At the same time some new tracks were composed: “Witchess Hammer” and “Destroy the Cross”. At the middle of 2009, the long waited “Sepulchral Noise” 4 way CD split was released, and Death Invoker made its 4th appearance on stage in the official presentation among: Bestial Possession, Metralla, Cobra and Skull from Colombia. This time, Beast of Holocaust supported Death Invoker again on drums. Finishing the year, Death Invoker arranged a new track called “Death Metal Legion”, and also started to make the final mix of the stuff. Also a deal with Time Before Time Rec. from Poland, to release a European version of the upcoming stuff, was done: 2010: For February-March, the stuff is in 665% and just minimal arrangements remain to do. On last days of April, the called “Demo 2010” is finally released in the independent version, and for the beginning of May, the polish version is ready too (both have something different). For November, 2010 an Asian version of “Death Invoker – Demo 2010” was released in pro tape by Old Goat Corpse prod. in cooperation with Nusantarajim prod. from Malaysia. This stuff has a new cover with lyrics inside, new pics and some bonus never released before. Apart of the whole of this, Death Invoker is arranging other songs to be recorded in some other production. Then just wait for upcoming releases that will be total MORBID & UNHOLY PERUVIAN METAL BESTIALITY!!!

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